Module no. 2: Conduct work based learning

Topic no. 3: Conduct the specific work-based learning

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1. Workplace training process
Workplace support is a key element for a young person to enter the labor market later. On-the-job training aims to match the methods and subject of the training to the specific needs of each individual. During the current unit actions to be taken to implement full and effective on-the-job training will be discussed.
PPT Individual learning
2. Designing and planning the mentoring process
In the course of team work, the course participants will collectively identify the student’s educational needs, goals and goals, develop and agree on the student’s plans and implement individual learning programs.)
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Co-creation (work in teams of at least 2 people)

3. Implementation of the mentoring process (simulation of the mentoring process)
The participants together create a list of specific organizational procedures, prepare a working version of the agreement with the person learning interaction, results and progress in relation to the goals and intentions of the mentoring process. Then, simulation exercises are carried out presenting the process of introduction and familiarization in the organization.
Exercises involving role playing, apps Co-creation (work in teams of at least 2 people)
4. Record and analysis of the mentoring process
Participants create rules, methods for assessing and monitoring learner’s progress and providing feedback, develop a plan to measure the expected results and progress of the learner, design activities to support learning progress
Sheet set Co-creation (work in teams of at least 2 people)
5. Evaluation of the mentoring process
Participants prepare a draft of the evaluation form, a draft of the candidate feedback form, a short consultation meeting plan, a draft of the report on the applications and evaluation of the mentoring process in terms of the effectiveness of achieving the educational goals.
Evaluation sheets Evaluation


This WBL Implementation Guide serves to provide supplementary information to the Work-Based Learning (WBL) Policy Guide as well as successful practices beyond what is required by the Policy Guide, and may be used by districts to support outcomes-driven WBL experiences and programs.

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7. Methodological guide for students and company trainers about WBL. Regarding this topic, it gives relevant information about:
– Specific information for students
– Specific information for the trainers
– The training processGo to pages 23 – 28
PDF article Spanish Individual learning
8. Specific guide for company trainers involved in WBL. Some of the topics discussed in this guide are:
–  Tasks and qualifications of company instructors in dual vocational education and training systems
–  Requirements for instructors of the company in the different fields of action
–  Cross-cutting skills required of the trainers of the Enterprises
–  Training the company instructor
–  Recommendations for an adequate transfer of thetraining aimed at the company’s instructor
PDF article Spanish Individual learning
9. This website includes relevant materials and information about WBL.

It has three main areas:
– Information for students
– Information for training centers
– Information for companies

It is interesting to have a look at the page and find different information about this topic.

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