Module no. 4: Monitoring and assessment

Topic no. 4: Assessment and improving the program

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1. Training Programme Evaluation


Training and learning evaluation, feedback forms, action plans and follow-up.

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Individual reflection
2. Training Evaluation


The post present the analyse of training events by using appropriate evaluation tools wich can improve the outcome of future trainings to a considerable extend.

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3. Evaluate your Training


The videofocuses on the importance of training evaluation.


4’ 31”

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4. Improving quality through effective training


The most important and most neglected activity is the evaluation of the outcomes of the training.

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A successful training program is always a work in progress, and the training cycle isn’t complete without an evaluation of training’s effectiveness, which leads to decision-making and planning for future training. Therefore, a useful and informative evaluation program needs to be a part of your overall training operation.

Here are several methodologies for evaluation as well as

practical ways to retrieve good results.

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6. Criteria for evaluating and reviewing teaching processes and

Teacher training practice


This document includes a list of criteria for evaluating and reviewing teaching processes and teacher training practice and a self-assessment sheet.

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7. How to carry out project evaluation


This article gives tips about how to carry out the evaluation of a project. It is one of the most important parts of a project. Moreover it includes a list of tools that can be useful in this process

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8. Associative management guide


This website has different pages about how to manage projects, for this topic the most relevant are:
–  the evaluation
–  the importance of evaluation
–  aspects to be evaluated
–  evaluation tools
–  evaluation indicators

*It is recommended to have a look to other topics included in the website.

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