National seminar in Romania

Organizer:  Edunet  Organization

The first multiplier event was organized  on 20th of February 2020, in  Craiova, Romania, before piloting   the MOOC with 31 participants.

At the end of the project a second  multiplier event was organized on 25th of January 2021 in Craiova  with 11 participants

The aims of the seminar:

  • to share the project outputs created for  training  for preparing  elderly care  professionals, Training Model, Curriculum, Learning resources and MOOC ;
  • to increase the knowledge of participants on the topic;
  • to provide a hands-on experience of using the MOOC  , as efficient tools for training;
  • to raise awareness about the advantages and challenges of using the Model, curriculum and  training tools created, to provide  training   for elderly caregivers  and  migrants;
  • to networking, share experience, interests and goals about  training activities can be done  with the project outputs;
  • to gain the participants’ views and suggestions regarding the sustainability of our project results.


The seminar was delivered to 42 people:

Teacher/trainer/manager/staff from  training provider organisation 19 45,24%
Decision-maker, governance representative 5 21,43%
 Other 14 33,33%


The topics of the seminars  included:

  • Presentation of the, the main results of the project , training model and  the learning platform;
  • Presentation of the MOOC and a  workshop on how to use it;
  • Discussion to exchange ideas on ways to use the project results;
  • Collect feedback for measuring the potential impact of the project’s outputs by administrating evaluation questionnaires to the participants

Impact on the participants:

All the participants of the seminar (100%) declared  that the facilities were satisfactory, time allotted for the presentation and discussions was adequate, the presentations were  appropriate for their  level of knowledge,  the seminar met their  expectations  and they had good opportunities for   exchanging  experiences , good practices and networking with others having shared interests and goals.

According to the answers to   the evaluation questionnaire administrated,  the 33 participants  declared that:

Much Very much
This seminar increased my knowledge about the topic of VET training in workplace environments to apprentices and young students in work placements 6 18% 27 82%
I consider the project is innovative and useful to increase the professional competences of tutors and VET teachers and to empower them to deliver a quality VET training in WBL and DL 3 9% 30 91%
I am interested to use MOOC for learning and/or training and I may recommend to others to use them  0 0% 33 100%
I consider the Model and  Learning Tools are innovative and useful  for  setting up teaching/training activities and delivering  better quality of  the training. 3 9% 30 91%


Agenda of the seminarAgenda of the multiplier event on 20 February 2020

Agenda of the seminarAgenda of the multiplier event on 25 January 2021

Presentation of the results of the TOTVET

Presentation of   the  Training Model and Curriculum

Presentation of the MOOC

Brochure of the MOOC