Preparing Tutors for Work Based Learning

The Course addresses the   workers in company conducting practical training of students at  workplace,  mentors or supervisors for practical training of students in company,  qualified trainers for apprentices in dual –learning,  teachers/trainers in VET school, managers or staff  in  VET  school  or company involved in the  training of the students at  workplace.

The course “Preparing Tutors for Work Based Learning” will help you to  increase the competences  you need as  tutor,  to acquire relevant knowledge , intercultural and social skills , foreign languages and digital skills and to empower  you to deliver a quality training in work based learning  and dual learning systems.

The Learning Tools were created by the TOTVET project team  and used  for the   development of learning activities  of the Massive Open Online Course (MOOC).

Course Modules

Module  1: Training program organization

Module  2: Conduct work based learning

Module 3: Leadership

Module  4 : Monitoring and Assessment