The main tangible products of the project  are:

  1. European Model, PDF in English
  2. Map of competences, PDF in English
  3. TrainingCurriculum, PDF in English
  4. Learning and training resources, PDF in English and database   on the Learning resources section of project platform
  5. Learning Tools , available  on the project learning platform in four  languages ( English , Romanian , Polish,  German  and Spanish) in form of a easy to navigate Online Course and also on the TOTVET Slide share channel.
  6. The Masive Open Online Course (MOOC) , piloted and tested available on the Blackboard platform
  7. MOOC Compendium, PDF documents in   English , Romanian , Polish,  German  and Spanish
  8. Guide for training  the MOOC facilitators, PDF   in English
  9. Facilitator Handbook, PDF in English
  10. MOOC Best practice Guide, PDF in English.
  11. Guide for training VET professionals in DL and WBL, PDF documents in English , Romanian and Polish.