Aims and objectives

Work Based Learning (WBL) is one of the objectives in the European agenda and national priorities,  VET strategies, policies and reform processes.

In  Romania and Poland , there are recent  national initiatives of dual learning and WBL expansion.

The key factor to high quality WBL is to have well prepared  skilled workers who train apprentices. Improving the competences of in-company trainers is among the strategic objectives of European cooperation in VET.

The project “TOTVET  – Training of Tutors  and VET professionals for high quality  Work Based Learning and Dual Learning” is aiming  to  increase the professional competences of tutors, VET teachers  and  managers,   empowering  them to deliver quality training in work based learning  (WBL)  and dual learning (DL) systems.

In the framework of the  TOTTVET  project, six  partners from Romania, Poland , Spain , Germany and Austria created  an  innovative and integrative European Training Model , aiming to  improve the competences of tutors and VET teachers    involved in work based learning and dual learning.

The main outputs of the project is  a   Massive Open Online Course (MOOC)   delivered through  the Blackboard platform.

Using our innovative training   model, trainers may  set up their own  MOOC.  On the MOOC section of the web site, they can download  the   MOOC Content Compendium , the    Guide  for training MOOC facilitators  and  the Good  practices  Guide  with results of the MOOC piloting.

This website provide also access to the Learning resources  grouped in  four   units as well as  a  easy to navigate Online Course.