This TOTVET Training Model  aims to increase the professional competences of tutors and VET teachers and empower them to deliver a  quality VET training in work based learning and dual training.

It is addressed to professionals who  provide VET training in workplace environments to apprentices and young students in work placements, such as :
(a) skilled workers who oversee practical training of students in the workplace,
workplace tutors, mentors and supervisors;
(b) qualified trainers of apprentices or learners in alternance schemes;
(c) teachers and/or trainers conducting practical classes in VET schools.
(d) trainers who perform training of teachers/trainers tasks.
The Model   is based on   the competences identified by the TOTVET partners needed by  VET trainers and teachers in work based learning and dual training.

Download list of competences in English and Romanian, Spanish, German and  Polish.

Download the Training Model

The Model provided the framework for building and delivery of the Training Curriculum for the Massive Open Online Course   “Preparing Tutors for Work Based Learning”.

Training Curriculum

List of the modules and topics


Needs assessment – recruitment of the trainee

Set up the trainees learning outputs

Design the Training Plan together with VET teacher

Organize the learning process

Module II:  Conduct work based learning

Implement the training programme

Work in team and cooperate with training team and other stakeholders

Conduct the specific work-based learning

Interpersonal communication and empathy


Efficiency and management of time


Problem solving

Networking – operative inform the external stakeholders about the trainees progress

Module IV: Monitoring and assessment

Monitor the trainees progress

Asses the trainees learning  outputs

Document and report the internship results

Assessment and improving the program

Download Training Curriculum