The course “CONDUCTING TRAINING PROGRAMMS IN COMPANY AND DUAL SYSTEM” was developed based on the VET Teachers Training Methodology  and is aiming to help the VET teachers and staff to develop  their  skills and competences on planning and implementing work based  training programs and  gain new knowledge about how to use the European tools to validate transfer and recognize the learning outputs.

The course was delivered  online to 107  VET teachers, managers and staff, selected by the  partners‘ organizations from Romania and Poland.

The course has two Thematic Modules:

  • Module I. Design and organization of placement programs of professional training in companies and in dual system.
  • Module II. Monitoring, evaluation, certification and validation of learning outcomes in placement of vocational training in companies and in the dual system.

During the training, the participants shared experience and worked together in groups  on specific documents for  dual learning and work based learning, like curricula, partnership agreement between school and company , Training/ Learning Agreement, monitoring and evaluation tools, Europass and other European tools for recognition and transferring the learning outputs. The  participants  also evaluated   the training methodology and materials .

The VET schools and VET training providers may use the methodology  and training resources  for training  the qualified VET teachers and trainers for updating and enhancing their knowledge regarding the  work-based training or dual learning and  improve their skills to conduct learning in the workplace.

Download the Guide for training VET professionals in DL and WBL. in English, Romanian and Polish