National seminar in SPAIN

Organizer:  Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Services of Zaragoza
Place: Chamber of Commerce of Zaragoza offices, Zaragoza.

The event was also broadcasted live through the Chamber YouTube channel []

Date: 27th of February  2020, 17:00-19:00

Aims of the seminar:

This seminar could be considered a multiplier event, whose main aim, according to the Project proposal, was not showing the project results but recruit people who may be interested in the MOOC.

Taking this main aim (recruit people) as the guiding thread, what we aimed with this event was:

  • To offer the MOOC to those professionals who could be interested; not only to company tutors but also to school tutors who want to improve their tutoring skills.
  • To networking, share experiences, interests and general information about dual VET system in the region.
  • To raise awareness about the importance and positive aspects of dual VET systems.
  • To take advantage of the variety of companies and VET centers to interchange existing programs in the region.
  • To share the project outputs with the professionals involved in the dual VET system.
  • To interchange experiences and opinions about the current situation of the system in Aragon.
  • To know successful stories of young people who took a dual VET path.


The Chamber of Commerce directed its promotional actions mainly to regional companies. We especially targeted companies that are currently participating in the WBL system or those that we know may be interested in starting to do so. For this reason, we invited them to be part of this event, to receive information, to exchange experience with other professionals interested in the subject and to offer them the training MOOC for tutors. Although with less emphasis and in order to make the event more enriching and interesting, we invited some representatives from VET centers that currently offer VET programs.

The seminar was delivered to 26 people:

Teacher/trainer/manager/staff from  training provider organisation 7  27 %
Companies involved in WBL systems 19 73 %


The topics dealt in the event include:

  • To debate about how difficult is to find the appropriate candidate for some specific jobs;
  • To see how this modality of studies (WBL in general and dual VET in particular) is polyvalent and have something to offer to companies and to students in different sectors;
  • To discuss about the difficulties and challenges that encounter professionals involved in these systems;
  • To know how education centers that offer VET systems see the future of dual VET training;
  • To know more about how VET centers and companies cooperate to get the most of this system;
  • To debate about how VET is the perfect way to find some specific profiles for technical companies;
  • To talk about the experience of some companies that are training VET students;
  • To talk about how students and trainees take advantage of the opportunity of working and studying at the same time;
  • To introduce TOTVET project and explain how different countries around Europe are working together in this issue;
  • To present the MOOC;
  • To discuss and to exchange ideas, points of view and experiences.

Find the agenda of the event attached as ANNEX I

Impact on the participants:

The event has been valued positively by the participants.

1.1     The seminar met my expectations 1 7 18
1.2     The presentations were appropriate for my level of knowledge 7 19
1.3     The time allocated for the presentation and discussions was adequate 1 6 19
1.4     The facilities were satisfactory 6 20
1.5     I exchanged experiences and practices and networked with others having shared interests and goals. 1 5 20


2.1. This seminar increased my knowledge about the topic of VET training in workplace environments to apprentices and young students in work placements 1 1 24
2.2. The project is innovative and useful to increase the professional competences of tutors and VET teachers and to empower them to deliver a quality VET training in WBL and DL 8 18
2.3. I am interested to use MOOC for learning and/or training and I may recommend to others to use them 1 3 22
2.4. The Model and Learning Tools are innovative and useful for setting up teaching/training activities and delivering better quality for tutor training. 4 22
2.5. I had the opportunity to meet and create connections with people who have common interests and goals. 7 19



Agenda of the seminar

Report national seminar in Spain